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Chinese Spy Scandal Threatens Trade Deal & Stock Market Recovery

A burgeoning spy scandal threatens to be an 11th-hour stumbling block to the U.S.-China trade deal, and it could take the wind out of the stock market’s sails as it continues to mount a recovery from its 2018 lows. Premier Li Keqiang denied allegations that the Chinese government instructs its companies to engage in corporate spying abroad. The denial comes a day after the Chinese legislature passed a resolution designed to inhibit Chinese officials from compelling foreign companies to turn over intellectual property. The practice has been a barrier in…

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US Stock Market Wobbles as China Trade Talk Sentiment Sours

The US stock market has been riding a wave of optimism stemming from optimism about a swift resolution to the ongoing US-China trade talks. However, President Donald Trump’s comments are now swinging from a “good chance” of an immediate deal to claims that he is “not in a hurry” to make one. Meanwhile, reports are breaking that further meetings between Washington and Beijing won’t happen until April, at the earliest, and the US stock market is not taking the news well. Dow Jones Futures Visibly React to Trade Deal Delay…

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Trump’s Wacky Answer to Boeing 737 MAX 8 Crash: Get Rid of Computers

Donald Trump finally weighed in on the tragic Ethiopian Airlines crash which killed all 157 passengers and crewmembers and raised serious questions about the safety of the Boeing 737 MAX 8, which has now been involved in two fatal incidents within the past five months. The president’s solution? Get rid of computers. Trump on Boeing MAX 8 Crash: I Don’t Want Einstein Flying My Plane Donald Trump made this proposal during his regularly-scheduled morning tweetstorm, arguing that “Airplanes are becoming far too complex to fly” and that you need “computer…

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Facebook is Under Fire but Billionaire Zuckerberg’s Wealth Jumps $3 Billion

It seems investors and Facebook users still won’t be phased by increasing pressure on the social media giant and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Despite data privacy concerns, tax hits, and scrutiny from global governments Facebook’s share price has risen and with it Zuckerberg’s wealth. The CEO is the 7th richest man in the world. Zuckerberg’s Wealth Rises, He’s Now Worth $63 Billion Reporting by Forbes puts Zuckerberg’s new gains at $2.8 billion this week. This takes his net worth to $63 billion and further cements his position amongst the world’s…

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New York Democrats Salivate over Proposed $9 Billion Wealth Tax

New York’s transit infrastructure is in serious jeopardy. Following years of neglect and underfunding, the system allegedly requires a $40 billion investment over the next ten years, or it risks falling into what subway chief Andy Byford calls a “death spiral.” New York Progressives: We Need Money. Let’s Pass Another Wealth Tax! So, what’s New York’s big solution as of late? A state largely dominated by Democratic politics, leaders are now looking to impose yet another new tax on the wealthy to fix their problems. This should come as no…

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Hillary Clinton and Bloomberg Lay Down in 2020, Dems Feeling AOC and Bern

In quick succession on Monday and Tuesday, two high-profile Democrats moved into the definite ‘no’ column for a 2020 presidential bid. That’s 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, and billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg, who both announced they won’t be running. Hillary Clinton Says She Won’t Shut Up Hillary Clinton says she’s not going to be running for president | Source: Shutterstock Hillary Clinton said Monday: “I’m not running, but I’m going to keep on working and speaking and standing up for what I believe. I want to be sure that people…

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Surprise, Surprise! Emerging Campaign Finance Scandal Reveals That Self-Righteous AOC Isn’t As Clean As She Says

Rookie U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been dragged into an emerging campaign finance scandal that could potentially compromise her carefully crafted reputation as the ‘people’s candidate,’ as well as call her political platform into question just three months after the 2018 midterm elections that saw her become the youngest-ever female member of Congress. At the center of the scandal is her chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti, who is accused of diverting more than $1 million in donations from her supporters into a slush fund controlled by two private companies registered to…

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Democrats Take Trump’s Bait, Set the Stage for Costly Impeachment Fight

The Democrat-led U.S. House Judiciary Committee has initiated a rather broad investigation into President Donald Trump that will explore themes of obstructing justice, corruption, and abuse of power. Trump told reporters Monday he won’t get in the way of the Democrats’ new investigation: “I cooperate all the time with everybody. You know, the beautiful thing, no collusion. It’s all a hoax.” Democrats Lay the Groundwork to Impeach President Trump Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y. 10th District), chairman of the judiciary committee in the lower chamber of the legislature, announced that the…

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Wall Street Trading Bots Fail as Fed Flip-Flops and Trump Tweets

The party may be over for automated trend-following trading strategies on Wall Street. As a recent report by Bloomberg highlights, the once legendarily profitable investment systems run on computers by hedge fund managers have lost their edge. Although still dominating a large share of capital compared to human traders, the machines are not as invulnerable as they once were. Wild volatility in the Dow Jones and other major US stock market indices makes that abundantly clear. Smooth economic cycles are one thing, but unnatural monetary policy from the Federal Reserve…

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US-China Trade Optimism Fuels $1 Trillion Chinese Stock Rally

Following a period of economic turmoil caused by trade friction between the U.S. and China, Chinese markets are experiencing an extraordinary recovery driven by indications that Donald Trump may be softening his hard line in trade negotiations between the world’s two largest economies. After Trump announced that he would postpone the March 1 deadline for Chinese import tariff hikes, the CSI 300 Index recorded a 6 percent surge last Monday. The Shanghai Composite Index also recorded its best day since June 2015, after it closed with a 5.6 percent gain….

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