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Brian Kelly Is Short-Term Bearish but Sees ‘Generational Opp’ in Bitcoin

Brian Kelly is bearish on the bitcoin price in the short term but believes there is a generational buying opportunity coming in BTC/USD. | Source: CNBC/YouTube By CCN Markets: The bitcoin price might have broken back above the $10,000 level today, but one notable trader isn’t impressed. Speaking on CNBC, crypto investor Brian Kelly, who is usually the biggest bitcoin bull in the room, made it clear that he has turned bearish on BTC/USD despite its recent bounce. Longer-term, however, Kelly still believes there is a “generational buying opportunity” coming…

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Turkish Bitcoin Adoption Ramps Up amid Flagging Economic Recovery

Turkey interest in bitcoin remains robust as the economy struggles to recover from the collapse of the lira from 2018. | Source: Shutterstock By CCN Markets: Turkey likes bitcoin more than any of the other 14 nations polled in a recent survey by Dutch banking group ING. Sixty-two percent of Turks were crypto positive, while 36% said they would be happy to be paid in bitcoin. Meanwhile, Austrians were the most skeptical, with only 13% being pro-crypto. Screenshot of poll These sentiments make perfect sense given Turkey’s recent economic…

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BTC Value Will Crash 99% for the Same Reason Tumblr’s Just Did

Yahoo just sold Tumblr at a 99% loss. CCN’s bitcoin skeptic thinks the same thing will happen to bitcoin. Source: Shutterstock By CCN Markets: What do Tumblr and bitcoin have in common? Here’s a hint. How many times have we seen a gigantic cash-stuffed company buyout some social media platform for an enormous sum of money, and then have to write the whole thing off? Many times. The Social Media Graveyard MySpace was bought by News Corp. for $580 million and sold for $35 million. Vine was purchased for only…

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Bitcoin Basher Peter Schiff Destroyed by Crypto Twitter for Fake News

Bitcoin basher Peter Schiff, an avowed gold bug, got dragged on Twitter after spouting a false claim about the bitcoin price. | Source: AP Photo / Mark Lennihan Gold bug Peter Schiff got dragged on Twitter after spouting false information about bitcoin. Schiff incorrectly claimed that BTC prices have plunged 15% since June 19. By comparison, Schiff gloated that gold prices have spiked 10% during the same period. Instead of dropping, Schiff said the bitcoin price should have climbed due to a combination of “favorable press, weakness in global currency and…

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Bitcoin Price Explodes Past $12,000, ‘Clear Skies’ to 2019 High

Bitcoin price shatters a new milestone amid a stock market tumble. | Source: Shutterstock The bitcoin price pierced $12,000 on Tuesday as traders seek refuge from global instability on traditional markets. As global stock markets reel from the escalating trade war between the US and China, Bitcoin has climbed more than 20% in five days, briefly hitting $12,265 on Coinbase. The move upwards was accompanied by the strongest volume in over two weeks. The bitcoin price rocketed past $12,000 on Tuesday as global instability grips the stock market. Source: TradingView…

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Bitcoin Price Resurgence Is a ‘Self-Fulfilling Prophecy’: Analyst

The bitcoin price is surging, and one analysts says the spike is a “self-fulfilling prophecy” – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. | Source: Shutterstock When the bitcoin price smashed through $11,000 overnight and set its sights firmly on the $12,000 mark, analysts almost uniformly pointed to China’s stunning decision to defy the Trump administration and devalue the yuan as the catalyst. However, cryptocurrency bulls who proclaimed that bitcoin had demonstrably proven its worth as a safe-haven asset might have spoken too soon. China’s Shock Yuan Devaluation Bolstered Bitcoin –…

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Bitcoin Traders Abandon Exchange Amid CFTC Probe

Bitcoin traders yanked a staggering $525 million off BitMEX in July amid rumors of a CFTC probe and competition from Binance. | Source: CNBC/YouTube (i), Shutterstock (ii). Image Edited by CCN. July wasn’t exactly a banner month for crypto investors, but it turns out it was even worse for one of the world’s largest bitcoin trading platforms: BitMEX. BitMEX Just Had Its Worst Month Ever by One Key Metric Data curated by TokenAnalyst reveals that BitMEX, a cryptocurrency exchange that offers up to 100x leverage, suffered nearly $525 million in…

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Trump Triggered the Latest Bitcoin Price Spike

Binance Research made the specious claim that the that latest bitcoin price spike was caused by President Donald Trump’s tariff rhetoric. | Source: NICHOLAS KAMM / AFP (i), Shutterstock (ii). Image Edited by CCN. Binance Research, the research arm of the world’s largest crypto exchange, claims that President Donald Trump caused the latest bitcoin price spike. Binance Research made the specious claim on Twitter, where it noted: “BTC has rallied, together with multiple safe-haven assets, after Trump’s latest tariff storm. Will the trade war continue to be a catalyst for…

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Bitcoin Price Sneaks Past $10,000

Overnight, the bitcoin price recovered beyond $10,000 as the market digested the Federal Reserve’s unexpected rate policy commentary. | Source: Shutterstock Overnight, the bitcoin price recovered beyond $10,000, achieving $10,172 at the day’s highest point against the U.S. dollar. The bitcoin price slightly recovered above $10,000 (source: Technical analysts have said that bears and sellers in the market may be losing momentum as bitcoin nears its monthly support. “Sell off has been losing momentum. BTC on monthly support. Bears are on a timer. The longer this takes, the worse…

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Bitcoin Flash Crash Proves Whales Are Messing With Us

The bitcoin price dropped almost $400 in a matter of minutes on Sunday evening before immediately paring losses. The flash crash and quick recovery is an obvious sign of bitcoin whales playing mind games.  While it’s impossible to know exactly what happened, the price action looks like a classic bear trap. A handful of large players initiated a sharp selloff, luring other traders into opening short positions. The whales then immediately started buying, forcing traders to close out those positions at a loss. It’s a game. In this volatile range…

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