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St. Louis Fed Chief James Bullard Agrees Crypto Is Disrupting Economy

Central bankers have a lot to say about bitcoin. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President and CEO James Bullard acknowledges that cryptocurrencies are a disruptive force to the economy. Like his boss, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, Bullard also appears to worry that cryptocurrencies are a menace to the financial system for a couple of reasons. He believes that crypto paves the way for crime, and he is focused on the fact that bitcoin is accompanied by high volatility. Bullard stated: “Cryptocurrencies may unwittingly be pushing in the wrong direction…

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Court Declares Bitcoin Legal in China as a ‘Virtual Property’

China is not a bitcoin-friendly country as it has taken a slew of measures to kill the flagship cryptocurrency, which include imposing a blanket ban on all initial coin offerings (ICO) and shuttering crypto exchanges. But the latest order by Hangzhou Internet Court suggests that owning bitcoin is not illegal in China as it gave the flagship cryptocurrency the status of a “virtual property.” WOW 😲 BITCOIN IS LEGALLY PROTECTED IN CHINA Today the first property dispute case on Bitcoin finalized trial in a local Chinese court. The court confirmed…

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Mnuchin Warns Bitcoin Users of ‘Very, Very Strong’ Regulations

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin again turned his attention to bitcoin this week, warning that the Trump administration would pursue “very, very strong” enforcement of existing financial regulations to stop bad actors from using the cryptocurrency to bankroll criminal activities. Treasury secretary: crypto could become a financial system risk Mnuchin elaborated on the White House’s crypto stance during a Thursday morning interview with CNBC, warning that bitcoin could become a “risk to the financial system” if it becomes the equivalent of a Swiss bank account. “We’re going to make sure…

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Winklevoss Twins Foster Mainstream Adoption with Bitcoin Giveaway

Now that bitcoin has taken center stage in the United States, Gemini Co-Founders Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss are doing their part to hasten mainstream adoption. Tyler tweeted his latest challenge, the reward for which is 1 BTC. At the current rate, that amounts to roughly $9,700. By the time the contest is over, however, the bitcoin price could be worth much more than that. All you have to do is post an image of “Bitcoin Billionaires” by Ben Mezrich and the “coolest pic wins 1 bitcoin (BTC),” according to the…

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Bitcoin Still ‘Wildly Bullish’ Despite Sharp Recent Retreat, Experts Say

Despite the recent fall of Bitcoin, experts have not yet abandoned their bullish sentiment. In fact, it seems that current events have only served to reinforce this perception. While it is true that bitcoin experienced a sharp drop, breaking essential supports for swing and day traders, in a long term vision it is possible that this is only an exception or even a shadow in long-term candles, which could serve to provide further stability to trends. Tom Lee Remains as The Eternal Bullish Expert of the Crypto-verse One of the…

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Crypto Trader Predicts Nearing Alt Season as Bitcoin Dominance Weakens

An alt season (altcoin season) is something that virtually all crypto traders look forward to. It is a time where all cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin exponentially grow in value. From large caps to small caps, these digital coins can rise anywhere by 2x to 100x. If you’re finding the previous statement difficult to believe, that’s likely because you were not around the last time these crypto tokens pumped. A crypto trader who goes by the name Paddy stash on Twitter has a reason for that. In a series of tweets,…

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4-Figure BTC Screams ‘Buy’ as Bitcoin Price Falls Under $10,000

The Bitcoin price collapsed below $10,000 on Sunday night in yet another stormy weekend session for the world’s largest cryptocurrency. Bitcoin briefly hit $9909 on Coinbase, marking an 13 percent drop in 24 hours. The fall cements a strong 28 percent retracement from this year’s high. Technical indicators suggest BTC may still have room to fall in the short-term. In the long-term, however, this may be one of the last times we ever see bitcoin below $10,000. Said it once and will say it again 4 digit Bitcoin is a…

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John McAfee Defends Bitcoin From Donald Trump in Ironic Tirade

In the wake of Donald Trump’s viral tweet denouncing bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, John McAfee has come rushing to its aid. In a series of tweets, the crypto evangelist has ridiculed the U.S. president’s comments regarding the use of digital currency to facilitate criminal activity. My response to Donald Trump regarding his “Dislike of Cryptocurrency” tweet. — John McAfee (@officialmcafee) July 12, 2019 Irony in McAfee’s Bitcoin Defense While McAfee is making valid points here, there is a significant elephant in the room. Namely, that the cybersecurity guru…

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Why Ivanka Is the Ticket to Influencing Trump on Bitcoin

If there’s one person who has been by Donald Trump’s side throughout much of his life, it’s his daughter, Ivanka. From being a judge on his hit series The Apprentice to serving as an advisor to her father in the White House, Ivanka seems to have the president wrapped around her finger. One of Ivanka’s key areas of focus is entrepreneurship, which is probably the group that stands to lose the most in an anti-crypto environment in the U.S. While bitcoin doesn’t need Trump’s approval to exist, a crypto-friendly approach…

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JPMorgan and Bundesbank Get the Disruptive Memo

As massive banks like JPMorgan and Wells Fargo prepare to release their Q2 earnings report next week, a growing threat to traditional finance, cryptocurrencies, are becoming too disruptive to ignore. While many of these banks have resisted the coming changes, the smart ones are starting to change their tune.  Just this week, the German Central Bank released a statement acknowledging the need to adapt.  “While no one can predict the future with certainty, we know one thing for sure. Digital transformation is here, it’s now and it’s big. It changes…

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