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Crypto Market Leaders Share Their Worst Banking Experiences

Many of the people working in the cryptocurrency industry had a negative banking experience. Some were prevented from accessing their funds while others lost their accounts. It’s no surprise that many people are working hard to disrupt the banking industry. Many of today’s leaders in the cryptocurrency space were victims of poor banking. To some, the experience was so bad that they are now spearheading the disruption of the banking system. For instance, Changpeng Zhao, chief executive of Binance, shared one negative experience with the Royal Bank of Canada. Changpeng…

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Bakkt to Provide Bitcoin Custody but Its Product Raises Questions

Bakkt launched its institutional custody services. The Bakkt Warehouse launched with a robust insurance policy and a range of clients. Bakkt’s daily trading volume is picking up. Bakkt, a bitcoin futures exchange backed by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), announced that it is launching custodial services for institutional enterprises. This is not the first organization to provide bitcoin custody, but the firm believes that it would set the stage for the mass adoption of the technology. The Bakkt Warehouse In a blog post, Bakkt announced that it received authorization from the…

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China’s State Media Just Headlined Bitcoin to 1.4 Billion People

Chinese State Media Praise Bitcoin as a “Successful Application of Blockchain” Blockchain fever overruns the people’s republic Bitcoin propaganda comes as China preps to launch digital currency in 2020 China has taken yet another step towards fully embracing Bitcoin, calling it “The First successful application of blockchain technology.” The entirety of the people’s republic has been on a blockchain hype beyond anything thing imaginable recently. However, this latest admission from Chinese state media has transcended the strange grey area between bitcoin and blockchain. Finally, despite years of denouncing, and outlawing…

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League of Legends Co-Creator Loses $5 Million in Major Crypto Scam

Riot Games Co-Founder Marc Merrill reportedly lost $5 million in a crypto scam. A fraudster used his credentials to purchase Amazon cloud computing servers. It took nearly four years for the fraud to be discovered. One of the co-founders of Riot Games, the developer behind League of Legends, has reportedly lost $5 million in a major cryptocurrency scam. Matthew Ho, a Singaporean national, is alleged to have used Marc Merill’s credit card information to purchase Amazon cloud computing technology. Source: Twitter Beginning in November 2014, Ho used Merill’s American Express…

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Ray Dalio Says ‘World Has Gone Mad’ and Bitcoin Crowd Cheers

Ray Dalio is making many friends in the crypto community after sounding the alarm about the perilous conditions in the financial system. In a post entitled “The World Has Gone Mad and the System Is Broken,” the billionaire hedge fund manager outlines why something has to give amid unsustainable circumstances comprised of free money, government deficits,  underfunded pension and healthcare systems, and a rising wealth gap. Dalio mentions bitcoin zero times. But he strikes the right chords with themes such as the Fed printing money and the threat of “three…

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French High School Students to Get Bitcoin Introductory Classes

The French Ministry of National Education amended its syllabus to incorporate cryptocurrencies and bitcoin. Students will learn about the functions of bitcoin. While this will be covered as a supplementary topic, it might help spark the interest of students. The European Union (EU) appears to have a neutral stance on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The region’s parliament has no specific legislation on cryptocurrencies. In addition, digital assets are considered legal among member countries. For instance, Germany does not impose capital gains tax on bitcoin sales if the cryptocurrency is held for…

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Johannesburg Shuts Down Computers City-Wide After Bitcoin Ransomware Attack

Hackers have breached the computer network of South Africa’s commercial capital Johannesburg in an attempt to ransom the city for Bitcoin. Consequently, the city has shut down its website and suspended all e-services as a ‘precautionary measure’. At the time of writing the city’s website was still inaccessible. The city of Johannesburg’s official web portal is down. | Source: Per The Times, the group behind the cyber-attack is an outfit known as Shadow Kill Hackers. The group is demanding 4 Bitcoin – nearly $30,000 at the current Bitcoin price…

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Bitcoin Has Proven Itself as the Best Store of Value Over the Last Decade

Since 2010, bitcoin has died 377 times at the hands of experts and popular media outlets. At the height of the bear market in 2018, bitcoin was declared dead a total of 90 times. Peter Schiff is just another personality to recently call the death of bitcoin. | Source: Twitter We are hurtling towards the end of 2019 and bitcoin is doing so well that it managed to carve a niche in today’s financial system. We talked to crypto traders, blockchain executives and researchers and they all agree that the…

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Opera Continues Bullish Crypto Mainstream Drive With Bitcoin Payments

Browser minnow Opera is ramping up cryptocurrency support for Android users in version 54, which has just been released on Tuesday. Among a host of other cosmetic improvements and a new UI, this latest release improves upon the current crypto wallet with support for both Bitcoin and Tron payments. Ethereum has been the staple payment option of the low-flying web browser for more than a year now; however, developers have heeded the calls in recent months for integration with other major cryptocurrencies. Opera Looks to Undercut the Big Boys With…

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GE Pension Failure Could Send Investors into Arms of Bitcoin

General Electric (GE) has decided to freeze its pension plan, removing two of the key features that have come to be associated with retirement savings – secure and guaranteed – for tens of thousands of employees. GE isn’t the first company to pull the plug, but as one of the oldest traditional companies in corporate America, it sends a strong signal to employees that they can no longer bank on their employer for retirement benefits. Now, instead of shouldering the risk for employees, GE will essentially shift that risk back…

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