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‘Fastest Horse’ Bitcoin Blasts Toward $10,000 as Paul Tudor Jones Backs BTC

Bitcoin’s price peaked at $9,972.03, its highest in two-and-a-half months. Billionaire hedge fund manager Pual Tudor Jones says he bought BTC futures to hedge against inflation. Bitcoin’s quadrennial halving event is likely to fall on May 12. The price of bitcoin edged closer to the psychological $10,000 level on Thursday, as investors geared up for the quadrennial halving in roughly five days. Meanwhile, one of the world’s most famous investors just threw his weight behind BTC as a hedge against inflation. Bitcoin Approaches $10,000 Bitcoin’s value peaked at $9,972.03 on…

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Steven Seagal Punished for Pumping Comically Shady Bitcoin Rip-Off

The SEC charged action “star” Steven Seagal with unlawfully promoting a cryptocurrency. The naked bitcoin rip-off was so comical it almost looked like a self-parody of the ICO hype machine. It’s safe to say everyone except Seagal saw this legal backlash coming. Washed-up B-list action hero Steven Seagal had to know he was on deadly ground when he agreed to promote a scammy bitcoin rip-off called Bitcoiin2Gen. Two years later, his involvement in the bizarre and almost comically shady project has left him with exit wounds – along with a…

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Bitcoin Tempts Shattering All-Time High After Historic Golden Cross

Bitcoin’s golden cross is a sign that a strong bull market is likely on the horizon. Statistics reveal that bitcoin may post a new all-time high in six months. Analysts believe that a new all-time high this year is definitely possible. Bitcoin is in the midst of a disbelief rally. The largest cryptocurrency has breached psychological resistance at $10,000 and is up over 41% year-to-date. Above $10,000, there’s very little stopping BTC from printing new all-time highs. Bitcoin has two major resistances to break before hitting all-time high. | Source:…

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Is There Any Truth to the Tesla-Bitcoin Parallels?

Is there a bitcoin-Tesla connection? Are BTC and Tesla truly the world’s most “disruptive” technologies? Blockchain, not bitcoin. Thanks to a significant uptick in Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) stock since the start of 2020, a new narrative has emerged: Tesla stock is—apparently—the new bitcoin. But is there any truth to this beyond a trivial analytic link? The chronicle of Tesla’s price surge—and its kinship to BTC—is being picked apart by nearly every analyst of late. One of the most recent speculators to highlight the quasi-relationship is Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Mike McGlone. Speaking…

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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Community Fractured by Sudden 12.5% Mining Tax

Bitcoin cash community splintered by 12.5% miners tax proposal. Tax plan will be activated via involuntary soft-fork on May 15. BCH users are furious with the sudden – and unavoidable – six month protocol change. Bitcoin cash miners will be forced to pay 12.5% of their mining rewards to a Hong-Kong based company, or else risk being booted from the BCH network. That’s according to a proposal put forward Wednesday by Jiang Zhuoer, CEO of BTC.TOP – the largest mining pool on Bitcoin Cash. The plan is seen by Zhuoer…

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Tron’s Justin Sun Goes to Lunch With Apple Co-Founder, Doesn’t Know What ‘Partnership’ Means

Justin Sun “partners” with Apple’s Steve Wozniak. What could the partnership involve? Sun has a dodgy history of “partnerships.” Tron CEO Justin Sun, CEO has partnered with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. That’s according to an emphatic Tweet from Sun, who believes a recent luncheon with the “legendary Woz,” signifies the basis for a “partnership.” Unfortunately, Sun’s track record of “partnerships” suggests that he doesn’t actually know what a partnership entails. So, is the collaboration legitimate this time around? Justin Sun meets and “partners” with Apple founder Steve Wozniak. | Source:…

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Is Bitcoin’s Halving Finally Being Priced In?

Bitcoin may target $18,000 if past halving performance plays out. In the immediate term, bitcoin must overcome $9,000. BTC price briefly overtakes that level Friday. Analysts, traders and crypto enthusiasts all over the globe are cheering on bitcoin as it looks to overcome $9,000. But is this the start of something bigger? Is bitcoin finally pricing in the next halving – or halvening, as some may call it? The sentiment inside the cryptocurrency community is reaching epidemic proportions. All over Crypto Twitter, Vegatta memes are being pulled out and readied…

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Crypto Investor Declares Alt Season as Litecoin, Ethereum and EOS Come Alive

A popular host and crypto investor has made a bullish statement on altcoins. Ran NeuNer’s tweet was met with heavy criticism. Nevertheless, it is difficult to deny that large market cap coins are showing signs of strength. It’s not a secret that most alternative coins or altcoins are dependent on bitcoin. Wherever BTC goes, almost every other crypto token follows. That’s especially true for large market cap coins such as Ethereum, Litecoin and EOS. A score of one indicates perfect correlation. | Source: CoinMetrics Bitcoin’s recent resurgence is helping drag…

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How Stocks, Oil, Gold, & Bitcoin Reacted to Trump’s Airstrike on Soleimani

Trump sent a shockwave through financial markets when he ordered an airstrike that killed Qassem Soleimani. Stocks, gold, and oil all fluctuated wildly as US-Iranian hostilities flared. Here’s how the prices of major assets responded. When US President Donald Trump ordered an airstrike that killed Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, he also unleashed a shockwave through global financial markets. Major stock indices cratered as investors fled into safe-haven assets like gold, and oil prices spiked on fears of Iranian retaliation. Here’s how financial markets reacted to Soleimani’s death. US Stock Market…

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Sorry, Bitcoin Scam Victims – But No One Can Hear You Scream

Bitcoin scam victim makes an appeal to authority – but no such authority exists. The independence afforded by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a double-edged sword. In crypto, no one can hear you scream. A cryptocurrency user appeared on the Bitcoin subreddit seeking legal recourse after becoming the victim of a Bitcoin (BTC) scammer. After losing $200 worth of Bitcoin, the Redditor sought out a legal authority to whom they could report the crime. But in the cryptocurrency world, any step you take could be your last. The replies which…

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