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Tabloid Columnist Wants Trump to Investigate ‘Bitcoin Manipulation Madness’

By CCN: Barely a week after New York Post columnist John Crudele crudely predicted that Bitcoin will soon be worth zero, the tabloid journalist has once again muddied the waters by calling on governments to launch a ‘massive investigation’ on ‘Bitcoin manipulation madness’. Bitcoin manipulation madness calls for massive investigation — New York Post (@nypost) May 23, 2019 Specifically, Crudele called on China, the EU and the US to probe those responsible for the ‘manipulation of bitcoin’s price’. Citing ties to Donald Trump, the tabloid journalist urged the…

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Trade War Could Be Trump’s Shining Reagan Moment

By CCN: President Trump has at least one renowned economist in his corner. Mohamed El-Erian is placing Donald Trump in the same category as America’s beloved Ronald Reagan. In an interview with CNBC, El-Erian, who is among the more open-minded economists out there, approached the trade war from a different vantage point. He said that China stands to lose the most in the trade war ignited by Donald Trump and Xi Jinping. Consider the S&P 500, which is miraculously unchanged over the last politically tumultuous month while emerging market stocks…

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Most Americans Would Be Broke as a Joke if They Missed One Paycheck

By CCN: Most Americans are financially unstable and live paycheck to paycheck. In fact, 51% of working Americans would be in dire financial straits if they missed a single paycheck. And an additional 15% would suffer severe hardship if they missed two pay periods. These alarming findings were uncovered in a personal finance survey from the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago. Low-Income and Hispanic Households Would Suffer the Most The study found that millions of Americans would be unable to pay their mortgages or rents…

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Ilhan Omar Boasts She’s Trump’s ‘Nemesis’ in Cringeworthy Rant

By CCN: First-year congresswoman Ilhan Omar boasts that she’s already President Trump’s number-one “nemesis.” Why? Because she’s a black woman who has no qualms about flouting our nation’s immigration laws. Writing on Twitter, she said: “This is a president who has come to power vilifying and demonizing immigrants and refugees. He proudly said we should halt Muslims from entering our country.” “It’s not a surprise that he finds his biggest nemesis in me.” This is a president who has come to power vilifying and demonizing immigrants and refugees. He proudly…

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Trump Hit-Job Relies on ‘Nonpartisan’ Ex-Obama Cronies

By CCN: There’s only one thing better than a sensational mainstream media headline designed to lure in weak-minded Trump haters. That’s when the story is easily debunked as fake news with just a few minutes of research. The ludicrous headline in question is splayed all over every mainstream media outlet, and is some version of that which appeared in the Washington Post: “Trump would have been charged with obstruction were he not president, hundreds of former prosecutors assert.” Washington Post Peddles Fake News The Washington Post got caught peddling left-wing…

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Tesla Model 3 Suffers in US-China Trade War as MAGA Takes Over

By CCN: The core computer of Tesla’s Chinese-made Model 3, known as the ‘Brain’, was rejected for exclusion from Donald Trump’s 25% tariffs. Tesla had applied for exclusion from the surcharge placed on Chinese-made goods but was rejected. The product was deemed too important to China in the trade war. Tesla Wins No Favors in Trump-China Trade War The computer brain of the Model 3 was rejected for being ‘strategically important’ to China’s ‘Made in China 2025’ initiative. As reported by Reuters, the 3.0 Autopilot electronic control unit (ECU) will…

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Trump Sues Banks to Block Dems Attempting to Wrangle His Tax Returns

By CCN: President Trump is taking a stand against Deutsche Bank and Capital One for participating in a frivolous plan once again being enacted by House Democrats. This time, liberals are looking to gain access to the president’s financial records, including data regarding his personal finances, his businesses, and his long-sought tax returns. Democrats have subpoenaed both Deutsche Bank and Capital One, which they say can offer new light on financial information regarding the president. Democrats Just Want to Inflict “Political Damage” on Trump Trump is suing both banks to…

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Mueller Report Boss Rod Rosenstein Resigns in Veiled Nod to Trump

By CCN: Rod Rosenstein is the latest high ranking official to depart the White House. The man who oversaw the widely publicized Mueller Report is heading for the hills for fear of a grilling from both Democrats and Republicans. One of Trump’s favorite punching bags, the Deputy Attorney General’s letter of resignation is a strange combination of justifying his actions and praise for his former boss. Rod Rosenstein’s Resignation Letter Appears to Be Pro-Trump Even reading between the lines, this letter of resignation is extraordinarily two-faced. The president at one…

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Dow Will Crash 91% to Reagan-Era Mark if Trump Loses in 2020: Fed Pick

By CCN: The Dow and broader U.S. stock market rose Monday, bolstered by strong consumer spending data that pointed to a firm domestic recovery at the start of the year. Although markets are enjoying record highs for now, Donald Trump’s new Federal Reserve appointee thinks a 1929-style crash is likely if Democrats take control of the White House. Dow Rallies; S&P 500, Nasdaq Hit All-Time Highs All of Wall Street’s major indexes booked gains at the start of the week. The Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 52 points, or 0.2%,…

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Elizabeth Warren’s Bombastic Rhetoric Smacks of Grandstanding

Get Exclusive Analysis and Investing Ideas of Future Assets on Join the community today and get up to $400 in discount by using the code: “CCN+Hacked”. Sign up here. Get Exclusive Analysis and Investing Ideas of Future Assets on Join the community today and get up to $400 in discount by using the code: “CCN+Hacked”. Sign up here. By CCN: 2020 Democrat presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren is at it again. Just a few weeks after flying the kite of slavery reparations in an effort to pander to African…

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