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Bitcoin Isn’t Scared of Trump…Or Other Democrats

Judging by the charts, Bitcoin hasn’t reacted much to Donald Trump’s negativity. Donald Trump Finally Found a Market He Can’t Move – Bitcoin — CCN Markets (@CCNMarkets) July 16, 2019 Crypto conservatives might react by understanding that Donald Trump is the most successful democratic operative in history, bar none. Donald Trump: The Most Clever Democrat In History A parody of a world leader, Trump has successfully ensured that large swaths of the youth will lean leftward. This will likely have dire consequences for the nation moving forward. His stance…

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4-Figure BTC Screams ‘Buy’ as Bitcoin Price Falls Under $10,000

The Bitcoin price collapsed below $10,000 on Sunday night in yet another stormy weekend session for the world’s largest cryptocurrency. Bitcoin briefly hit $9909 on Coinbase, marking an 13 percent drop in 24 hours. The fall cements a strong 28 percent retracement from this year’s high. Technical indicators suggest BTC may still have room to fall in the short-term. In the long-term, however, this may be one of the last times we ever see bitcoin below $10,000. Said it once and will say it again 4 digit Bitcoin is a…

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Trump’s Fed Pick Isn’t Just a Gold Bug

White House economic adviser Judy Shelton made headlines last week after President Donald Trump nominated her to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. The mainstream press and finance industry were surprised to learn Trump’s Fed pick is a “gold bug.” She advocates returning the U.S. Dollar to the “gold standard.” President Trump’s Fed Nominee Dr. Judy Shelton discusses her support of a return to the gold standard and her critical take on central bank activity “Money is meant to serve as a reliable measure.”@CNBC — Squawk on the Street…

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John McAfee Defends Bitcoin From Donald Trump in Ironic Tirade

In the wake of Donald Trump’s viral tweet denouncing bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, John McAfee has come rushing to its aid. In a series of tweets, the crypto evangelist has ridiculed the U.S. president’s comments regarding the use of digital currency to facilitate criminal activity. My response to Donald Trump regarding his “Dislike of Cryptocurrency” tweet. — John McAfee (@officialmcafee) July 12, 2019 Irony in McAfee’s Bitcoin Defense While McAfee is making valid points here, there is a significant elephant in the room. Namely, that the cybersecurity guru…

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Bullish S&P 500 Index Signals Likely Trump 2020 Victory

Up almost 50 percent since his election and recently hitting fresh all-time highs, the S&P 500 index could be signaling expectations Trump may be reelected. Stock Market Suggests Investor Confidence The economy under Trump has shown few signs of slowing down. The economy gained 224,000 jobs in June, according to a monthly employment report released Friday. That brings monthly job growth for April, May, and June to an average 171,000 jobs. Wages are also on an uptick, 3.1 percent up for hourly paid workers over the past year. But it…

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Think 25% Tariffs Are Bad? Trump Slaps 456% Duty on Vietnam Steel

The widely-publicized trade war with China, in which some imports are being slapped with tariffs of 25 percent, has grabbed the headlines. The Tariff End-Run! Yet when trade war tariffs are imposed on countries, those countries don’t just sit around and take it. Either they slap tariffs on US imports or they attempt to circumvent […] The post Think 25% Tariffs Are Bad? Trump Slaps 456% Duty on Vietnam Steel appeared first on CCN Markets

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Dow Creeps Higher as Trump Stacks Fed with Rate-Slashing Allies

Dow Jones futures traded higher on Wednesday as Trump aims to stack the Federal Reserve in his favor. In a series of tweets last night, he revealed his picks for the two empty chairs on the Fed’s board of governors. The names are Christopher Waller and Judy Shelton, both staunch advocates of low-interest rates. Trump has made no secret about his desire for low rates, which he believes would rally the stock market. His picks, still unconfirmed by the Senate, would likely tip the Fed in favor of faster rate…

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How the US Economy Defied the Odds & Achieved Record Growth

Out of the ashes of the financial crisis has come the longest economic expansion in history. Now at 121 months, the US economy’s expansion began in June of 2009 as growth returned following the mortgage fiasco. The Economic Phoenix Rises It isn’t surprising that the longest economic expansion should occur after the second-worst recession of all time. What is surprising is that this record expansion stayed in place despite dubious economic policy in the immediate aftermath, which also explains why this expansion has been the weakest relative to length, as…

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Trump Predicts Unprecedented Stock Market Crash If He Loses in 2020

By CCN Markets: Rallying supporters to “Keep America Great,” Donald Trump raised the stakes of the 2020 election in a tweet. The president said if he’s not reelected, “there will be a market crash the likes of which has not been seen before!” If true, based on percentages, that means the stock market would lose 25% of its value after election day. Biden 2020 = Dow 19,000? The worst stock market crash in history began on October 24, 1929. Historians call it Black Thursday. It was the beginning of a…

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Bitcoin’s Popularity Beats Trump, Tesla, & Kim Kardashian on Google

By CCN: Bitcoin might be uncorrelated to the stock market, but searches for the top cryptocurrency are highly correlated with that of Kim Kardashian. ConsenSys points out the similarities in a recent blog post in which it compares the popularity of the biggest cryptocurrency with pop culture, politics, and corporate America. Bitcoin’s impressive bull run in 2019 has put it back on the radar of people inside and outside of crypto. Its popularity knows no bounds. Bitcoin has become more popular than Donald Trump, Tesla, and Kim Kardashian for much…

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