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Elon Musk Could Learn a Thing or Two from Jack Dorsey

Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey have a lot in common. Both are genius tech entrepreneurs and both are at the helm of multiple companies – Twitter and Square for Dorsey and Tesla, The Boring Company, and SpaceX for Musk. But only two out of three publicly traded companies named are beating the S&P 500, while the other has shed one-fifth of its value. Spoiler alert: The company that’s not doing so hot in the stock market is Elon Musk’s Tesla. Key Man Syndrome So with so much in common, what…

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Jack Dorsey’s Square Crypto Is for Real, Revealing First New Hire

By CCN Markets: Square Crypto, which until now only appeared to exist on social media, is the real deal. It’s been less than a month since Square Crypto announced they were nearing their maiden hire. Now the company made a splash by announcing on Twitter they lassoed Google alum and Silicon Valley angel investor Steve Lee for that distinction. Before the big reveal, Square Crypto teased its followers by claiming to have hired an intern named Gary, who apparently “loves blockchain.” That situation was short-lived, and the team quickly followed…

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Twitter’s Stock Could Feel More Love if Jack Dorsey Would OK Crypto Ads

By CCN: Twitter needs to update its restricted content policies for financial products and services as it relates to crypto. The company is behind the times now that Facebook has decided to loosen up about the market. Jack Dorsey is one of bitcoin’s biggest fans in Silicon Valley. Yet for some reason, his social media company remains mired in red tape for crypto startups looking to advertise. Twitter implemented the ban on crypto-related ads last year. If he would apply a similar approach that he has adopted for his other…

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Twitter CEO Reveals His Latest Bitcoin Purchase to 4 Million Followers

If Jack Dorsey, CEO of both Twitter and Square, isn’t heralding wide-scale adoption of bitcoin, no one is. The tech entrepreneur’s 4.15 million Twitter followers now know that he owns a Trezor hardware wallet and he used BTC to make the purchase via the Square Cash app. At the current BTC price, he paid approximately $261.54 for the device (and presumably some accessories). Dorsey killed two birds with one stone, so to speak, by demonstrating the ease in which the app works and illustrating good security habits for crypto newbies…

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Minds CEO Challenges Twitter’s Jack Dorsey to Walk the Walk on Bitcoin

Minds.com CEO Bill Ottman recently appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience, where he talked about the importance of open source and decentralization. While these are subjects near and dear to his heart, they are more a vehicle for his true passion – building a social infrastructure that respects people’s rights. We caught up with Bill shortly after the podcast to talk about the growth Minds has experienced as a result of the appearance, as well as the recent forays into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency made by two other social media CEOs:…

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Jack Dorsey: Bitcoin-Friendly Cash App is Now 2nd Most Popular Apple Application

Within a decade since its launch in 2009, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s fintech company Square has transformed into a $29 billion digital payments giant and the go-to platform for users to send and receive money and buy Bitcoin. On February 3, Dorsey revealed that Square Cash (also known as Cash App), one of the most widely utilized mobile payment applications in the U.S. market, became the 2nd most popular free mobile application on the Apple App Store. How Did Square Grow so Quickly? Like any fast-growing startup, it targeted a…

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