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Trump Triggered the Latest Bitcoin Price Spike

Binance Research made the specious claim that the that latest bitcoin price spike was caused by President Donald Trump’s tariff rhetoric. | Source: NICHOLAS KAMM / AFP (i), Shutterstock (ii). Image Edited by CCN. Binance Research, the research arm of the world’s largest crypto exchange, claims that President Donald Trump caused the latest bitcoin price spike. Binance Research made the specious claim on Twitter, where it noted: “BTC has rallied, together with multiple safe-haven assets, after Trump’s latest tariff storm. Will the trade war continue to be a catalyst for…

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Stock Market Investors Might Want to Be Greedy & Pile into Square

The stock market just suffered its most brutal week of the year so far, and Square was not immune to the pressure. Did investors overreact? | Source: Shutterstock The two biggest emotions that fuel the stock market are fear and greed. One will send stocks swooning, while the other can create bubbles. But as Warren Buffett famously says, “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” If he’s right, then now’s the perfect time to pile into payments company Square (SQ). In case you didn’t notice,…

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Trader Predicts Ripple to Dump by 60% Against Bitcoin Before It Moons

Ripple is having a horrible 2019 against bitcoin. The Standard (Ripple) as known in the crypto community is down by over 66 percent against the leading cryptocurrency year-to-date. Ripple is so weak that it already posted seven consecutive red candles on the monthly chart. Unfortunately for the No. 3 cryptocurrency, it appears that its winter won’t be letting up anytime soon. That’s according to an analyst who goes by the name of Livercoin on Twitter. The forex and cryptocurrency trader foresees the persistence of the bear market for Ripple in…

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Crypto Trader Predicts Nearing Alt Season as Bitcoin Dominance Weakens

An alt season (altcoin season) is something that virtually all crypto traders look forward to. It is a time where all cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin exponentially grow in value. From large caps to small caps, these digital coins can rise anywhere by 2x to 100x. If you’re finding the previous statement difficult to believe, that’s likely because you were not around the last time these crypto tokens pumped. A crypto trader who goes by the name Paddy stash on Twitter has a reason for that. In a series of tweets,…

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Dow’s Future Clouded as Ex-White House Official Rules Out July Rate Cut

The Dow Jones and the broader U.S. stock market were in solid form in the first half of 2019 despite geopolitical tensions on several fronts. The Dow and the S&P 500 hit new highs a week ago thanks to the Federal Reserve’s dovish monetary policy outlook.  But former White House communications director Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci believes that the Fed doesn’t have reason to be dovish anymore.  In an interview with Fox Business, Scaramucci said: “I don’t think the Fed can cut rates here, given how strong the economy is.”…

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West African Nations Unveil a New Single Currency Without Blockchain

In a potentially risky move, the 15 member nations of ECOWAS – Economic Community of West African States –  have agreed to launch Eco, a “common currency” similar to the method the EU uses. Eco is expected to make its debut in January 2020. In an attempt to create more frictionless trade, West African leaders are hoping to give a much-needed boost to many of the smaller economies in the region. The crypto community was quick to point out that Eco isn’t a digital currency and it is not built…

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Popular Analyst Sees Bitcoin Mirroring the 2012 Bull Run

Many traders were caught off guard by bitcoin’s recent ascent past $13,000. Suddenly, however, BTC sharply fell by about 20% after reaching a high of almost $14,000. Many in the Crypto Twitter community were expecting a long consolidation period after BTC dropped by almost 85 percent from all-time highs of $20,000. That’s why some of those who were able to catch the bottom at $3,100 took heavy profits at $6,000, thinking that the market will respect the former resistance. Imagine the look on their faces when the leading crypto token…

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Tesla’s Stock Has Surged 22% on This $2 Trillion Market Opportunity

Published: 19/06/2019 18:30 EST. Journalist: By CCN Markets: Tesla’s stock is making a fast and furious comeback in June. That’s good news for shareholders after TSLA spent the first half of 2019 suffering crippling losses. Now the famed electric automaker’s stock is on the rebound. The stock is up 22% for the month. Tesla’s stock is up 22% in June, regaining some investor confidence after a terrible first half of 2019. | Chart: Yahoo Finance Does Wall Street Have Tesla’s Stock All Wrong? Tesla’s massive losses have led investors to…

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Bitcoin to Surpass $10,000 in June Because of Facebook

By CCN Markets: Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire has made a bold prediction. He believes that the price of bitcoin will surpass $10,000 by June 21, marking the beginning of what he’s dubbed “crypto summer.” He points to Facebook’s Libra launch as the catalyst for the bullish outlook. The Circle CEO predicts crypto summer is near. | Source: Twitter His prediction doesn’t seem far-fetched considering the price of bitcoin is marching toward $9,000. The price of bitcoin is nearing $9,000 but Jeremy Allaire believes that $10,000 is just days away. |…

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Ethereum to Skyrocket by 70 Percent Against Bitcoin, Predicts Analyst

By CCN Markets: On May 21, a pseudonymous cryptocurrency technical analyst named “Rampage” posted on Twitter that ETH/BTC is about ready to catch up to ETH/USD. In a tweet, the attached an image in which the price action of two markets is overlaid in a single chart. The analyst predicts that Ethereum will move higher against bitcoin and follow the price action of its USD counterpart: Looks like it’s time for $ETH| $BTC to catch up to $ETH| $USD — 𝓡𝓪𝓶𝓹𝓪𝓰𝓮 🦍 (@Thrillmex) May 21, 2019 We’re covering this…

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