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Weak US Economy Flashes ‘Risk On’ Signal for Stock Market Bulls

The S&P 500 extended its recovery on Friday, adding to Thursday’s solid bounce following an intense two-day stock market correction. The bullish price action prompted many traders to predict that the market’s bellwether index had already bottomed out. A professional trader believes that the SPX is bound to rally soon | Source: Twitter These traders are not alone in their optimistic outlook. Fundstrat co-founder Thomas Lee remains mighty bullish on the stock market. He believes that the S&P 500 will print new highs despite faltering economic data published earlier in…

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Mark Cuban’s Bizarre Bitcoin Rant Includes Baseball Cards and Bananas

Tech billionaire and Shark Tank personality Mark Cuban launched a savage takedown of bitcoin in a Wired video this weekend. He reeled off a list of well-trodden criticisms of the cryptocurrency, comparing it to baseball cards and slamming its ‘lack of intrinsic value.’ In a truly bizarre statement, he said he’d rather own bananas than bitcoin. Last time I checked, bananas weren’t the best-performing asset of the decade. Billionaire Mark Cuban: Bitcoin has ‘no intrinsic value’ Cuban began his remarks by comparing bitcoin to baseball cards. “Here’s the thing about…

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Microsoft Stock Blows Away Critics With Huge Buyback Plan –

Quick, guess the world’s most valuable company? Apple, Facebook, Google? It’s none of those. Instead, Microsoft has claimed the title. The software giant is now worth $1.1 trillion, narrowly edging out Apple for the top spot. And Microsoft’s lead is likely to grow in the coming days. That’s because the company just announced a huge share buyback and dividend increase which will reward its shareholders with even more cash. Even if you don’t own Microsoft stock directly, there’s a good chance you may have it passively. Microsoft stock is a…

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Want Bitcoin to Moon? You’d Better Start Buying Stocks –

Want the Bitcoin price to surge to new highs? You’d better start buying stocks – or at least invest in an S&P 500 index fund. | Source: Scott Olson / Getty Images / AFP It seems like a lifetime ago that the Bitcoin price grazed the $20,000 mark in late 2017, and bulls have been pining for a new breakneck rally ever since. According to Fundstart Global Advisors co-founder Tom Lee, the catalyst for BTC’s march to a new all-time high could come from an unlikely place: the stock market….

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World’s Largest Hedge Fund Manager Says 25% Chance of Recession – CCN Markets

Famous hedge fund manager Ray Dalio believes the U.S. is only at a 25% risk of recession, but one investment manager disagrees. | Source: AP When Ray Dalio speaks, you should listen. That’s because Ray Dalio’s hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, has made over $50 billion for his clients. He isn’t just an investor. He’s a macro global investor. He sees the big picture. He also happens to go to the Burning Man Festival and ruin it for everyone. And Ray Dalio says there is only a 25% chance of a…

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Goldbug Trumpets Bitcoin as Your Portfolio’s Long-Term Bond Killer

A long-term gold investor sees the precious metal and bitcoin replace bonds in portfolios. | Source: Shutterstock Dan Tepiero, the founder of DTAP Capital and co-founder of Gold Bullion International said that gold and bitcoin will replace bonds as vehicles of portfolio hedge in the long term. Following the noticeable increase in geopolitical risks caused by the trade dispute between the U.S. and China, a growing number of investors have flocked to the bond market, causing bond yield in major markets to drop sub-zero. As CCN reported Tuesday, some strategists…

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Trump Triggered the Latest Bitcoin Price Spike

Binance Research made the specious claim that the that latest bitcoin price spike was caused by President Donald Trump’s tariff rhetoric. | Source: NICHOLAS KAMM / AFP (i), Shutterstock (ii). Image Edited by CCN. Binance Research, the research arm of the world’s largest crypto exchange, claims that President Donald Trump caused the latest bitcoin price spike. Binance Research made the specious claim on Twitter, where it noted: “BTC has rallied, together with multiple safe-haven assets, after Trump’s latest tariff storm. Will the trade war continue to be a catalyst for…

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Stock Market Investors Might Want to Be Greedy & Pile into Square

The stock market just suffered its most brutal week of the year so far, and Square was not immune to the pressure. Did investors overreact? | Source: Shutterstock The two biggest emotions that fuel the stock market are fear and greed. One will send stocks swooning, while the other can create bubbles. But as Warren Buffett famously says, “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.” If he’s right, then now’s the perfect time to pile into payments company Square (SQ). In case you didn’t notice,…

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Trader Predicts Ripple to Dump by 60% Against Bitcoin Before It Moons

Ripple is having a horrible 2019 against bitcoin. The Standard (Ripple) as known in the crypto community is down by over 66 percent against the leading cryptocurrency year-to-date. Ripple is so weak that it already posted seven consecutive red candles on the monthly chart. Unfortunately for the No. 3 cryptocurrency, it appears that its winter won’t be letting up anytime soon. That’s according to an analyst who goes by the name of Livercoin on Twitter. The forex and cryptocurrency trader foresees the persistence of the bear market for Ripple in…

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Crypto Trader Predicts Nearing Alt Season as Bitcoin Dominance Weakens

An alt season (altcoin season) is something that virtually all crypto traders look forward to. It is a time where all cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin exponentially grow in value. From large caps to small caps, these digital coins can rise anywhere by 2x to 100x. If you’re finding the previous statement difficult to believe, that’s likely because you were not around the last time these crypto tokens pumped. A crypto trader who goes by the name Paddy stash on Twitter has a reason for that. In a series of tweets,…

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