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Kanye West’s 2020 Vision Could be Absurd Enough to Win

Kanye West broke down, in detail, his plans for his 2020 presidential run. Many of his concepts are half-baked or they simply pass the buck onto God. Despite his ill-conceived platform, the Chicago rapper has a puncher’s chance in this year’s election. Kanye West has decided to run for president this year, but he wasn’t always so sure. West was reportedly “hedging” on his decision during a recent interview with Forbes. He made up his mind, mid-interview, that he would run for president this year. He will run on the…

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Trump Has Found a Human Comforter in My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell

My Pillow CEO, Mike Lindell, is advising Donald Trump on campaign ads. He thinks Trump will win the 2020 election in a landslide. Even the pillow expert can’t comfort Trump as he bumbles through multiple crises. Mike Lindell has some comforting words for President Donald Trump. But that should come as no surprise since he’s the CEO of My Pillow. Sadly, Trump could enlist the CEO of every comfort brand in the world, and he still won’t be able to rest easy in 2020. This is what codependency looks like….

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Bill Gates Conspiracy Theorists Might Not Be as Crazy as You Think

#ExposeBillGates was trending on Twitter on Saturday. Many believe unhinged conspiracy theorists fuel the trend. A more in-depth look at the facts makes a compelling case against the billionaire. Bill Gates is working hard to prove he’s a great guy. And yet, he can’t seem to wrestle free of the internet’s villainous conspiracies against him. He warned us about a pandemic, he dedicates enormous resources to create vaccines, and he’s an all-time philanthropist. And yet, Twitter users will still randomly get #ExposeBillGates trending, like it did on Saturday. Do they…

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Alyssa Milano’s #MeToo Double Standard for Joe Biden Is Hilarious

Alyssa Milano is twisting herself into pretzels this week. Her support for Joe Biden doesn’t fit her #MeToo activism. Fellow actress Rose McGowan called her “a fraud” on Twitter. Actress Alyssa Milano has never been more entertaining than she is carrying the water for Joe Biden in 2020. The “Charmed” and “Who’s The Boss?” star is trapped between the #MeToo movement she started and unquestioning partisan loyalty to the very old, very white, very male politician that Democrats are about to nominate for president. And it’s hilarious. Alyssa Milano’s blatant…

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Trump’s New York Quarantine Could Quickly Turn Into Chaos

President Trump has said he is considering a “short-term quarantine” on areas walloped by the coronavirus. Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York would be the areas affected. New Yorkers haven’t always responded well to authority, will this time be any different? Earlier today, President Trump claimed he was considering a short-term quarantine of New York. New York, New Jersey, and parts of Connecticut could be quarantined as well. As coronavirus cases continue to rise in those areas, Trump said he’d “rather not do it, but we may need it.” Source:…

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The Anti-Trump Media Is Less Relevant Than Ever After Coronavirus

In an ideal society the media would play a crucial role disseminating vital information during a crisis like coronavirus. But the end of objective journalism has made that impossible. Years of transparently biased, anti-Trump coverage has become dangerous. Yet the spin doctors of journalism still can’t help but twist coronavirus reporting into campaign propaganda with an eye on November. The most widely-circulated ostensibly reputable news outlets in the U.S. suggest COVID-19 is the worst threat since the Civil War. The Washington Post issued dire warnings that coronavirus could infect a…

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Trump’s Dumb Coronavirus Tweet Proves He Doesn’t Understand Basic Math

Donald Trump’s all-caps tweet about the U.S. economy questions his administration’s recommended coronavirus containment policies. Anyone who can do basic math can tell that Covid-19 will overwhelm U.S. hospitals. That is already playing out in New York, where things are as bad as Italy As coronavirus ravaged the United States on Monday, Donald Trump issued one of his infamous, all-caps tantrum tweets. He questioned whether containment measures were “worse than the problem itself.” Coronavirus is the “problem” Mr. Trump is referring to. Coronavirus Is Already Out of Control While it’s…

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Here’s the Simple Reason Why Bernie Sanders Is Doomed

Despite his supporters telling us that Bernie Sanders was the natural choice of the Democratic Party’s core voters, he’s fighting an uphill battle and destined to lose once again. Following Joe Biden’s success on Super Tuesday, Sanders launched negative attack ads on television, signaling the last throw of the dice for a man who’s hanging on by his fingernails. If Bernie can’t rely on the support of black voters over 40 and professional women across the board, then what chance does he have? Bernie Sanders must be wondering where it…

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Sell-out Elizabeth Warren Joins Establishment Army to Cheat Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is falling victim to the Democrat Party establishment once again. Joe Biden, an uninspiring candidate, will be pushed through as the Democrats’ candidate. The Democrat party’s inability to allow a fair vote will likely lose them the White House. Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden came away from Super Tuesday neck-and-neck, while a poor showing from the rest of the field led several candidates to suspend their campaigns. The race is far from over, but Sanders might want to save himself some time by throwing in the towel now….

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Blaming Warren’s Defeat on Sexism Makes the Glass Ceiling Worse

Elizabeth Warren ended her presidential campaign Thursday. Her irate supporters rushed to blame her defeat on sexism. But she lost with voters fair and square for one reason: her own lack of merits. Sen. Elizabeth Warren dropped out of the Democratic presidential race on Thursday, just two days after suffering a stunning defeat in Super Tuesday states across the country. It was so ugly that voters in her own home state even placed her third behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. While analysts scrambled to understand why Warren lost after…

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