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Tesla’s Stock Could Hit the Skids as Analyst Presses the Brakes

Tesla’s stock had a terrific June and has managed to sustain that momentum this month. But don’t be surprised if it takes a hit and heads lower once the company releases its fiscal second-quarter results on July 24. Tesla’s stock has been having a great time, but it might be headed lower. | Source: Yahoo! Finance Elon Musk has propped up expectations by revealing Tesla’s second-quarter delivery numbers already, which smashed estimates and gave the tech entrepreneur’s ego a nice massage. Congratulations Tesla team & thanks to all the new…

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Elon Musk Op-ed SpaceX U.S. Business News 

Elon Musk Brags About SpaceX Going to Mars. Let’s Send Him First

It isn’t clear yet if Elon Musk simply doesn’t have a filter and says the first thing that comes to his mind or if everything he says is a carefully designed smoke grenade to attract attention away from the 15 ongoing fires that he keeps having to put out. Let’s Go to Mars Case in point: in an interview with CBS News, SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk not only said that we could land an unmanned vehicle on the moon in two years but also that we will be…

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EA FIFA Shudders at the Loss of Ronaldo & Juventus

As news spread of Konami prying the exclusive rights to Italian Series A soccer team Juventus for PES 2020 from FIFA 2020, EA’s share value dropped by 3.5%. The new deal allows PES 2020 to feature the club name Juventus and its associated badge, jerseys, and playing grounds, while EA must resort to using the less glamorous, not to say fictitious, Piemonte Calcio club name. Nevertheless, FIFA 2020 retains the right to use real player names and their exact likeness. We are incredibly honoured & excited to announce our EXCLUSIVE…

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Anheuser-Busch area 51 Op-ed U.S. Business News 

Area 51 Aliens Are Not Behind Anheuser-Busch’s Planned Asset Sales

Anheuser-Busch InBev appears to be considering a sale of some of its assets following its decision to call off the IPO of its Asian business. The decision comes on the heels of scraping its Asia IPO. Still, Anheuser-Busch hasn’t lost its sense of humor. Rather than dwell on the IPO loss, it instead decided to have some fun with its Bud Light brand in regards to the viral “Area 51” story: Screw it. Free Bud Light to any alien that makes it out. https://t.co/AOWOYL3Oyp — Bud Light (@budlight) July 17,…

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Elon Musk Headlines Neuralink U.S. Business News 

Elon Musk & Neuralink Reveal Insane Cyberpunk Brain Implant Chip

Elon Musk might be the visionary behind Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company, but his least known project, Neuralink,  just might be his most ambitious. In a live stream from their San Francisco HQ, the advanced AI company provided a detailed overview of their incredible plans but didn’t make the bombshell announcement (or demonstration) that many were hoping for. Neuralink’s N1 sensor. Source: Neuralink Fancy a skull implant? | Source: Neuralink Neuralink’s Goals Are Incredibly Ambitious How was it immediately obvious Elon Musk is involved with Neuralink? The press conference…

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Germany’s Finance Chief Joins Slew of Financial Leaders Scoffing at Libra

Germany joined the chorus of countries offering stiff resistance to Libra, Facebook’s new digital coin. German Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, expressed concerns about the coin’s consumer privacy issues and potential for disruption. Reuter’s released a report which quoted him saying,  “The issuance of a currency does not belong in the hands of a private company because this is a core element of state sovereignty.” “The euro is and remains the only legal means of payment in the euro area.” Germany Is Not the Only Country Reluctant on Libra The quote…

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Op-ed Tesla U.S. Business News 

This One Image Destroys Tesla’s Self-Driving Car Fantasy

A two-year-old video of a prankster confusing a self-driving car has gone viral for a second time, and it demonstrates a critical reason why Tesla’s self-driving cars will never become ubiquitous. Going viral once is a big event, but a “recurrent” viral video indicates that something about the content has gripped people in some visceral fashion. In this case, it’s the fact that human ingenuity can fool a self-driving car. It drives home the reason why it seems unlikely that they will ever have mass-market appeal, no matter what company…

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Elon Musk Op-ed Tesla U.S. Business News 

Tesla’s Woes Escalate After Autopilot Files Stolen in Corporate Espionage

As it is, the bevy of departures of employees across many divisions at Tesla has contributed to a brain drain at Elon Musk’s famously troubled company. Finding and retaining the best workers in the business, as well as people who are able to work in the apparently chaotic environment at the company, is going to be an ongoing challenge. What makes all of these departures worse, however, is that they are being accompanied by allegations of corporate espionage. Former Employee Stole 300,000 Documents Tesla has not been shy about suing…

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Instagram to Use AI to Censor Mean Comments

Instagram will soon trial a new AI-powered system for dealing with online bullying and abuse. Currently, the Facebook-owned social media platform uses a conventional human-dependent system for dealing with this issue that relies on users flagging and reporting comments as spam, abuse, or hate speech. On Monday, however, Instagram Head Adam Mosseri reportedly revealed that the company has started testing a new feature that uses AI to notify users if a comment they just posted is offensive. Even more ominously, Mosseri also revealed that the platform will shortly begin trialing…

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bill gates Elon Musk Op-ed Tesla U.S. Business News 

Elon Musk Could Use Some Steve Jobs-Like Wizardry to Fix Tesla

This should be a happy time for Tesla. After recently confounding critics by breaking its quarterly record for vehicle deliveries in Q2 2019, its share price rocketed over seven percent, closing the day just over four percent higher. After a miserable quarter plagued with boardroom infighting, resignations, missed delivery targets, lukewarm sales, safety scandals, lawsuits and an ex-employee who claimed Elon Musk was personally trying to ruin his life, last week’s stock rally was a veritable oasis of good news. That notwithstanding, all is not well with Tesla. Senior executives…

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