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3 High-Flying Cannabis Stocks with Potential Gains Yet to Be Unleashed

WhaBy CCN: Over the last 12 months, there has been tremendous hype on cannabis stocks. The widespread legalization in some states in the U.S. and all of Canada caused many stocks related to the pot industry to skyrocket. The surge has been deemed by some as the new gold rush. If you feel like you got left behind, don’t worry. Some cannabis stocks have corrected over the last few months, and they’re ready to be bought on dips. Here are three cannabis stocks that can go higher this year. No….

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Trade War Could Be Trump’s Shining Reagan Moment

By CCN: President Trump has at least one renowned economist in his corner. Mohamed El-Erian is placing Donald Trump in the same category as America’s beloved Ronald Reagan. In an interview with CNBC, El-Erian, who is among the more open-minded economists out there, approached the trade war from a different vantage point. He said that China stands to lose the most in the trade war ignited by Donald Trump and Xi Jinping. Consider the S&P 500, which is miraculously unchanged over the last politically tumultuous month while emerging market stocks…

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Bitcoin Price Boom Signals Massive Dystopian Panic Over 2019 Recession

By CCN: The sudden swell of Bitcoin’s price to $8,000 USD this year shows global recession fears are mounting. This according to Michael Hartnett, the chief investment strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Bitcoin price has doubled in 2019 but the rally is only getting started. | Source: Shutterstock Interestingly enough, Hartnett says global investors are investing in bitcoin not because they see it as a safe haven asset in times of instability but because they are seeking high-risk, high-reward investments. He argues the effect of low-interest rates since…

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Falls for Snapchat but Should Investors Pile In?

By CCN: Arnold Schwarzenegger, star of “The Terminator” (and nothing else lately), found himself the victim of an assault at an event in South Africa. While attending “Arnold Classic Africa” in Johannesburg, which features a wide array of sporting events and physical activities, the 71-year-old “Last Action Hero” was filming participants when he received a flying kick to the back by an unknown assailant. The actor fell forward as the perpetrator was immediately tackled by security while yelling, “Help me!” “Oy, My Back!” Don’t Interrupt a Cyborg’s Snapchat with Physical…

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Elon Musk is About to Wipe Out Warren Buffett’s Biggest Business

By CCN: A new report out of ARK Invest is wildly bullish on self-driving technology powered by the likes of Tesla and Uber.  But the autonomous revolution will come at a huge cost for Warren Buffett’s biggest business: insurance. The firm, which manages $3 billion assets, says the car insurance industry faces its “biggest threat in history” as Elon Musk and others ramp up self-driving networks. In the next 5-10 years, as riders may increasingly choose to travel on autonomous taxi networks, the auto insurance industry (a $220 billion market)…

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Bitcoin Price Rages Near $7,500

By CCN: U.S. President Donald Trump announced a trade war with China Friday, hiking tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese exports from 10% to 25%. On the same day, the bitcoin price extended its uptrend after jumping above $6,000. The two events did not share anything except a date. But, according to Ed van der Walt, they probably had an interesting connection. The Bloomberg reporter theorized that investors were using bitcoin as “trade-war play,” stating that President Trump’s decision to increase tariffs on Chinese imported goods could create geographic…

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Uber IPO Smacks Saudi Wealth Fund with $200 Million Loss

By CCN: The Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF) was one of the first believers in Uber, ponying up billions of dollars to invest in it back in 2018. Now that the ride-sharing company has finally gone public, the fund stands to be one of the biggest losers. The fund bought in at $48.77 a share, far higher than Uber’s debut price of $42. At the time of writing Friday, Uber shares were fluctuating between about $42 and $45. Uber IPO Leaves Mighty Wake The Saudi Arabian fund, which is…

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Stunning! Dow Recovers as US Economy Thrives, Adding 263k Jobs

By CCN: The Dow Jones has surged by 0.8% on the day to 26,517 points after a dip on May 2, which saw the Dow fall to as low as 26,213 points. The unexpected 1.6% decline in the Dow earlier this week is said to have been primarily triggered by the withdrawal of Stephen Moore from the consideration of being placed on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. The Dow Jones rises by around 8 percent on the day (source: Yahoo Finance) U.S. President Donald Trump said: “Steve Moore, a…

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Tech Analyst’s Crazy $350 Apple Stock Prediction Is Dead Wrong

By CCN: Even prior to Apple delivering strong earnings that beat estimates, tech stock analyst Gene Munster said that Apple would rise 70% over the next two years. With today’s earnings announcement from Apple, it may initially appear that he’s right. Munster told CNBC: “There’s meaningful upside to the Apple story. I suspect that this year, Apple will be the best-performing FANG stock. I think this can be closer to $350.” ‘@LoupVentures Gene Munster says Apple is heading to $350. Here’s why $AAPL — CNBC’s Fast Money (@CNBCFastMoney) April…

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Dow Will Crash 91% to Reagan-Era Mark if Trump Loses in 2020: Fed Pick

By CCN: The Dow and broader U.S. stock market rose Monday, bolstered by strong consumer spending data that pointed to a firm domestic recovery at the start of the year. Although markets are enjoying record highs for now, Donald Trump’s new Federal Reserve appointee thinks a 1929-style crash is likely if Democrats take control of the White House. Dow Rallies; S&P 500, Nasdaq Hit All-Time Highs All of Wall Street’s major indexes booked gains at the start of the week. The Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 52 points, or 0.2%,…

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