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Amazon Claps Back at AOC Over ‘Starvation Wages’ Accusations

Published: 17/06/2019 22:45 EST. Journalist: By CCN Markets: There’s nothing more entertaining than a socialist trying to debate a capitalist. Actually, the one thing more entertaining is watching Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka AOC, aka Jar Jar Binks debating Amazon.com AOC Tries to Play with the Big Kids On ABC’s “This Week”, AOC said: “I spend more time thinking about Amazon warehouse workers…if you’re average Amazon worker is making a living wage, if they have guaranteed health care, and if they can send their kids to college tuition-free…paying them starvation wages, stripping…

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Bernie Sanders Wants a ‘Political Revolution’ but Economy Is Humming

By CCN Markets: Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has reportedly called for a full-blown “political revolution” to fix the U.S. economy. Meanwhile, popular metrics such as the stock market and GDP point to economic vigor. In fact, since the Great Recession was over a decade ago, the economy has been expanding for the longest stretch in history. Bernie Sanders Calls for a ‘Political Revolution’ Bernie Sanders appeared on Fox News Sunday to give his opinion on directing the future of the U.S. economy. In an accompanying article, Fox labeled his rhetoric…

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Trump Predicts Unprecedented Stock Market Crash If He Loses in 2020

By CCN Markets: Rallying supporters to “Keep America Great,” Donald Trump raised the stakes of the 2020 election in a tweet. The president said if he’s not reelected, “there will be a market crash the likes of which has not been seen before!” If true, based on percentages, that means the stock market would lose 25% of its value after election day. Biden 2020 = Dow 19,000? The worst stock market crash in history began on October 24, 1929. Historians call it Black Thursday. It was the beginning of a…

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CCN is Shutting Down after Google’s June 2019 Core Update

Dear readers, Let’s get straight to it. Google’s June 2019 Core Update rolled out on June 3th 2019 and CCN’s traffic from Google searches dropped more than 71% on mobile overnight. Our traffic has experienced a massive impact by Google’s June 2019 Core Update. Image from Sistrix.com.   CCN’s visibility index on Sistrix.com shows how our site was affected by Google’s Core Update. As data from SEO analyzer Sistrix shows, our visibility on Google dropped from 1.2 to less than 0.6. You might say we ought not to face any…

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Dem Hopeful Andrew Yang Slams Amazon in Viral Maher Clip

By CCN Markets: Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang appeared on the Bill Maher show over the weekend. He discussed his Universal Basic Income (UBI) plan in detail, suggesting that big tech companies including Amazon could foot the bill. The clip is taking off, with more than 300,000 YouTube views already: Yang has been promoting giving Americans money by taxing big tech companies. With the Department of Justice launching antitrust actions against Google and other tech titans, Yang’s platform looks increasingly relevant to investors as bipartisan support for a tech crackdown builds….

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Donald Trump Dow Jones nancy pelosi U.S. Market News U.S. Politics 

Dow Climbs Nervously as Pelosi Plots Trump Prison Sentence

By CCN: A suddenly-bullish Dow nervously crept higher on Thursday, as a toxic cocktail of domestic and international risk factors threatened to derail the stock market’s latest rally. But while Trump’s trade wars with China and Mexico dominate the headlines, there’s another threat simmering beneath the surface: Nancy Pelosi’s scheme to put the president in a prison cell. Dow Inches Higher Despite Trade War Threats All of Wall Street’s major indices recovered from a volatile pre-market session. As of 9:43 am ET, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had gained 40.08…

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bernie sanders U.S. Business News U.S. Politics walmart 

Critics Slam Walmart for Siding With Bernie Sanders on Minimum Wage

By CCN: Walmart held its annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday. Normally these are dry events, but Bernie Sanders brought plenty of drama to this year’s edition. Sanders showed up, in person, to make his demands clear. These include a minimum wage of $15 for all Walmart employees and putting hourly workers onto the company’s board of directors. Sanders Takes Shots at Walton Family Sanders has made no secret of his anti-Walmart views in the past. He criticizes the Walton family for earning $25,000 per minute while employees earn just $25,000…

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Donald Trump Hillary Clinton nancy pelosi Op-ed U.S. Politics 

Hillary Clinton Lied When She Called Drunk Pelosi ‘Sexist Trash’

By CCN: Hillary Clinton slammed President Donald Trump and his “cronies” over the infamous drunk Nancy Pelosi video, calling it “sexist trash.” Clinton even suggested the incumbent president’s decision to tweet the Pelosi video is evidence that he is “running scared.” Let’s not mince words: She lied. The Bizarre Logic Behind Hillary Clinton’s ‘Drunk Pelosi’ Attack Clinton tweeted a section of her speech from a Harris County Democratic rally on Saturday. In the clip, Hillary said the Pelosi video was a product of sexism. She said: “Just look at what’s…

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Donald Trump mohamed el-erian U.S. Business News U.S. Market News U.S. Politics 

Trade War Could Be Trump’s Shining Reagan Moment

By CCN: President Trump has at least one renowned economist in his corner. Mohamed El-Erian is placing Donald Trump in the same category as America’s beloved Ronald Reagan. In an interview with CNBC, El-Erian, who is among the more open-minded economists out there, approached the trade war from a different vantage point. He said that China stands to lose the most in the trade war ignited by Donald Trump and Xi Jinping. Consider the S&P 500, which is miraculously unchanged over the last politically tumultuous month while emerging market stocks…

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez AOC bill nye Op-ed Opinion U.S. Politics 

Bill Nye’s Lying Pants, Not the Planet, Are on ‘F***ing Fire’

By CCN: On Sunday’s episode of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”, Bill Nye The Science Guy sat down to lecture America about climate change and cuss a lot. The kid’s science show host has a very important and very scientific-sounding message for you: “The planet’s on f***ing fire.” In a segment about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, Bill Nye was apparently very pleased with himself and seemed to get carried away showing off how much more intelligent, mature, and forward-thinking he is than all of you idiots that live…

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