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3 Dow Stocks That Would Fortify Your Portfolio Against a 2020 Melt-Up

The Dow closes 2019 with good prospects to set new records in 2020. Yet there are still threats looming ahead that could “melt up” equities. Here are three defensive Dow stocks that offer exposure to continued bullish Dow growth, while also fortifying your portfolio against downside risks. After broaching record highs this week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average continues to defy the bearish portents. Going into 2020, the Dow has good prospects for more growth. No more interest rate cuts will be needed as the economy strengthens, and signs of…

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Walmart Just Might Reshape Crypto Forever

Facebook & Libra are old news. Walmart’s surprise crypto patent could reshape the industry forever if it ever actually launches. | Source: Shutterstock. Image Edited by CCN. Like as not, you’ve heard the news: Walmart has laid the groundwork to create its own “cryptocurrency.” The move to patent a blockchain-based stablecoin variant generates speculation. Is Walmart trying to compete with Facebook Libra? Will CEO Doug McMillon be hauled in before legislators to defend his company’s right to innovate? Will the token ever actually launch at all? Too early to tell….

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Walmart In-Home Delivery a Security Threat and Amazon Knock-Off

By CCN: For a company that can’t even employ staff members capable enough to direct shoppers to the right aisle, Walmart is taking an enormous gamble asking customers to trust them to enter their homes. But that’s exactly what the Bentonville, Ark. behemoth is planning to do in a bid to take on Amazon in the burgeoning home-delivery market. It is pure madness. But will it work? Anyone Want Walmart Employees in Your Home? Walmart is going to launch refrigerator deliveries in Kansas City, Missouri, Pittsburgh, and Vero Beach, Fla….

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Critics Slam Walmart for Siding With Bernie Sanders on Minimum Wage

By CCN: Walmart held its annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday. Normally these are dry events, but Bernie Sanders brought plenty of drama to this year’s edition. Sanders showed up, in person, to make his demands clear. These include a minimum wage of $15 for all Walmart employees and putting hourly workers onto the company’s board of directors. Sanders Takes Shots at Walton Family Sanders has made no secret of his anti-Walmart views in the past. He criticizes the Walton family for earning $25,000 per minute while employees earn just $25,000…

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Why Amazon is En Route to End Q4 as Worst Quarter Since 2008

Amazon is now the fourth largest company in the world behind Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet (Google) after suffering its worst quarter since the 2008 recession. Merely three months ago, at the start of the fourth quarter of this year, Amazon was valued at $1 trillion. Currently, as of December 28, Amazon is valued at $680 billion, down $320 billion from its quarterly high. Chart from TradingView. Losing 32 percent in a three-month span, the fourth quarter of 2018 is officially the company’s worst-performing quarter since the financial crisis a decade…

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